Harbor Springs Electric | Why Choose Us?
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Harbor Springs Electric

The HSE Advantage

Community Involved
Harbor Springs and the surrounding communities are important to HSE electricians and their families. We individually contribute time and resources to help make it a better place to live.

Personalized Service and Flexible Scheduling
We accommodate the needs of our clients and strive to always be prompt so people are not left waiting unnecessarily. Our customers, busy local professionals, place a high value on expedient service. Often we can assess, quote, start and finish your job the very same day you call us.

Clear and Concise Communication
We are easy to talk with and understand the electrical needs you present. Our electricians make every attempt to practice proactive communication for good customer relations and competency in completing your project.

Trained and Professional Electricians
Our electricians are well trained to handle the work in which we specialize. Additionally, our work is installed in a safe, secure, neat and workman-like manner.

Fully Licensed in Michigan and Your City
HSE is fully licensed in the State of Michigan as well as the cities in which we work. This ensures that our company is legal and completely legitimate.

HSE is Fully Insured?
This means that if someone is injured on your job, you will not be liable for medical costs and lost wages, because our Workers Compensation Insurance covers this.

Quality Work Done Right The First Time
While we don’t claim to be the least expensive, we do offer great quality and service at a fair and reasonable price. It is not always true that the lowest bid will save you money. It costs a little more to provide the quality, expertise, and peace-of-mind you expect and deserve.

“HSE Sets Standards as High as Your Own”
Our Mission Statement further states our goals in achieving customer satisfaction.

Harbor Springs Electric: Mission Statement

Without our customers we would have no business. We must provide service that gives our customers the best value in the marketplace. Their satisfaction is critical to our success and we must earn and maintain their loyalty through conscientious customer service and quality job-site performance.

We place high value on our employees and want them to be the best available. To achieve this, we must properly train them to carry out their responsibilities, treat them with respect, and provide an environment where they can have satisfaction from their work. This includes providing them adequate wages to maintain a reasonable standard of living in our area.